How do you manage Counter offers

Managing counter offers can be tricky to handle.

So how do you avoid a price war, to get a new person into your business after all the work you have been through to get to this point.

  1. Remind them why they wanted to leave their current employer?
  2. Have their current employer agreed to fix all the other issues they had?
  3. Discuss how you have invested in your current workforce and this will continue to them as well
  4. Ask them what they need from you to side with you? Is it just another £1k or has it turned out that they really just needed a pay rise?
  5. Telling them that the national statistics show that 80% of candidates who accept a counter offer leave within 12 months. *REC
  6. Some companies often give courter offers because they are not sure how to replace the candidate immediately, they have at this point lost control. If they offer a counter offer, they are back in control and can decide the next steps that suit them.

Good luck