We don’t use recruitment agencies, they are too expensive!

A common objection I hear.

So we are going to do it ourself I was told by Sally.

Sally the Office Manager will do it. Without any real recruitment experience, how hard can it be!

  • Sally earns £35,000 per year. That’s £17.95 per hour.
  • Sally spends £1200 on advertising
  • Sally spends 4 hours reviewing CV’s received
  • Sally spends 16 hours speaking with candidates over the phone and starts to make a shortlist
  • Sally spends 4 hours and meets 4 people for the first interview
  • Sally spends 3 hours and invites three back for a second interview
  • Sally includes the Operations Director and he costs £50 per hour and he also spends 3 hours his salary is £100,000
  • They hire someone, yeah, told you we could do it ourself.

The person gets counter offered and rejects the offer and you have to start again.

So far you have spent £1,662.00 and you are fed up, annoyed and you are now nearly 4 days behind with you own work that you have to work late or take it home just to keep up.

There is a better way.

We will support you, work with you, help you and guide you and reduce your stress to get the right person the first time.

Give us a call and let’s chat about your business, and how we can help reduce your stress.

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