Are you keeping in touch with your team that are on Furlough ?

A recent straw pole snowed us that nearly 40% of employers were failing to keep in touch with their staff during the Coronavirus while their staff are at home on furlough.

We are very lucky as a country that this mechanism is in place to help secure jobs for the future.

However, just be aware that the staff at home are still your staff and it is your responsibility to keep in touch with them and updated them with the companies plans in getting them back to work.

What can be done ?

Simply this doesn’t have to be complicated, just call arrange a weekly Zoom call one on one and then maybe arrange a group call with all staff on furlough. Promote communication and give your team the tools to freely speak with their piers about their concerns and jobs for the future.

If you are going to have to make redundancies, be honest tell your staff early. Don’t wait until the day of redundancy.

Help them to find another job – Job boards, local recruitment agencies that you know and ask them to help.

If you need any help at all please do let me know.


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