How do you recruit without meeting the candidate face to face ?

Hiring a new member of staff at any time is very time consuming and making 100% sure you have the right person can be challenging. Meeting them 2-3 times, asking colleagues to meet them, show around the office, check references. Sometimes we are maybe 85% sure!

Now most of us are still working from home, however it is time to hire, but how do you do this and get it right.

Let’s Zoom the candidate, still go through all your normal interview structure you have in place but using Zoom is going to be strange. The business needs this next hire, or we will not hit the targets. Maybe production is struggling and clients are going to be let down without this additional resource.

Things to consider

  1. Can this person start by working from home, while we are all still socially distancing from each other?
  2. Can you provide the support and training needed for the person so they feel supported
  3. Do you have an effective mechanism in place to help you make sure that the person you want to hire is the best at the process, Sales, reporting or numbers. We are able to office DiSC profiling for your candidates you are considering. It may just help you make that important decision.

You don’t need to use us to hire if you would like to take advantage of the profiling. Although we would be pleased if you did!!

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