Recruiting staff with a better guarantee

As an established, respected recruitment business we have provided excellent recruitment solutions to clients for 13 years. We have had great successes by adding value and developing strategies to then provide clients with a thoroughly screened shortlist of candidates, that have all of the skills for the role. The hiring manager only had to choose who their ideal new member of staff would be.


Steve and his team were fantastically helpful and supportive throughout the hiring process. Parmar Staffing found us two members of staff, on budget and quickly. The whole process was painless and by dealing with Steve, very pleasurable indeed. Toovey’s Auctioneers will only be using this company in future to help fill positions within our company. Five Stars! Thank you!

In 13 years we have used our rebate period for 11 candidates that did not work out within the first three months of their employment. This was our guarantee to our client that we would find the right candidate for them. So in 13 years we processed 11 rebates so we could uphold our guarantee.


We commissioned Steve to hire an IT Technician for us at a client’s office in Birmingham. The client wanted to be involved in the selection process. The client and I did not completely agree on the choice, however as the candidate was going to be based in their office 100% of the time we agreed with their decision. After three months it became clear that the candidate wasn’t skilled enough and my previous concerns were right. I spoke with Steve about the situation. As we had already passed our rebate period, we understood that we would need to start the process again and pay a full new invoice. Steve agreed to replace the technician for free. He felt that our long term business relationship was more important. He quickly resolved the issue and the client was happy. – Andrew Hookway – Extech Cloud

The norm  

Generally a recruiter will offer you a 6-8 week rebate period, with a decreasing sliding scale. For example if after 5 weeks the candidate ends their employment with you, you may receive a %age of your fee refunded or credited to your next invoice. However you still need a new employee and you’ve paid an invoice. Who is at fault, you or the recruiter?

Our Solution

From today we are going to offer new and existing clients a free 100% six months rebate period with no sliding scale, so if a candidate that you hire leaves, we will replace them without further cost to your business. Our track record shows that we do get this right 99.9% of the time, however we understand that hiring a new member of staff has many cost considerations, plus the agency fee.

What’s the next steps

We will work with you exclusively, we will have open lines of communication to understand your business fully (warts and all!) so that you get the best candidate for the role, the first time. Should they leave within 6 months we will replace the candidate without a cost to you. This solution ensures that you are now risk-free and you will receive a guarantee with your new hire.

Let’s have a chat and help you to secure the right person for your business without financial worry.